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At BIF, we believe storytelling can change the world. We act on that belief every year with our annual BIF Summit. Explore the archive of stories through which we've been inspired, learned together, and co-created the future narrative. 

Help Yourself And The World Through Unexpected Connections And Collaboration

Kare Anderson speaks and writes about behavioral research-based ways to become more deeply and diversely connected.

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Former Football Player And Cancer Survivor Now Helps Patients And Families

Founded by former New England Patriots offensive guard Joe Andruzzi and his wife Jen in 2008, the Joe Andruzzi Foundation grew out of Andruzzi’s own successful battle with cancer and the couple’s ongoing work with young cancer patients.

Andruzzi's football career ended in 2007 when he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Burkitt’s lymphoma. He is now cancer free, but a new passion grew from his own cancer experience: helping other patients and their families. After witnessing firsthand the stress cancer can cause, the Andruzzis created a foundation to help cancer patients and their families meet life’s day-to-day challenges.



Scott is President of strategy and consulting firm Innosight. Scott has worked with Fortune 500 and start-up companies in industries such as media (print and broadcast), consumer products, investment banking, transportation and logistics, healthcare, medical devices, software, petrochemicals, and communications equipment.


Swat Team Partners

Randy Antik is currently CEO of Swat Team Partners. Swat Team Partners provides growth strategy consulting to marketing leaders for major corporations at the CEO/CMO level in technology, retail, marketing services, and health care. Clients/projects include: EDS, RadioShack, AMD, Agere, Neiman...

Senior Curator, Architecture & Design

Museum of Modern Art

Paola Antonelli is one of the world's foremost design experts and was recently rated  one of the top one hundred most powerful people in the world of art by Art Review. She is a Senior Curator in the Department of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art. Antonelli received her MA in Architecture from Milan Polytechnic in 1990, and worked at the design magazines Domus and Abitare before coming to MoMA in 1994. Antonelli is known for her eclecticism, and has curated well-received shows such as Design and the Elastic Mind (2008), an exhibition on science, design, and innovation and Workspheres (2001), devoted to the workplace of the near future. Antonelli has taught design history and theory at UCLA and Harvard and is the author of Humble Masterpieces: Everyday Marvels of Design, and co-author of 2008 book Design and the Elastic Mind.



In promoting her new genetic testing company, 23andMe, Linda Avey finds that people are highly inquisitive about how the process works. How long after mailing my saliva collection tube will my genetic data be posted on the Web site? What will I learn about my genetic predispositions to hundreds of inherited diseases or physical traits? What, exactly, is my ancestral path?

Keeping Intel's Brand Steady Amid Technology's Rapid Changes

Penny Baldwin manages all facets of Intel’s global brand strategy.
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Institute for Exploration and University of Rhode Island

Robert Ballard is best known for his 1985 discovery of the Titanic. Ballard is director of the University of Rhode Island's Institute for Archaeological Oceanography.

Founder and CEO

BzzAgent, Inc.

As consumers, we are all word-of-mouth marketers. We buy a product, love it and share our opinion with a couple of our friends. Conversely, if we hate the product, well we certainly don't keep that view to ourselves. Either way, what we say can have a dramatic impact on a company's bottom line.

Of course the difficulty for marketers is creating the right kind of buzz with enough momentum to carry it over the tipping point. Dave Balter, founder and CEO of BzzAgent and his network of 300,000 volunteer agents believe they've figured out a way to crack that code.

Reimagining Corporate Innovation Strategy For The 21st Century

Brandon Barnett is a pioneer in strategy development through a hands-on process of systems transformation. His goal is to reveal the hidden forces that reshape industries and discover actionable levers that steer transformation for the good of the organization and society. Currently, Brandon is Director of Corporate Strategy at Intel Corporation where he works in areas ranging from the Internet of Things to Artificial Intelligence. He thrives leading diverse teams to adopt big data, ethnography, and complex systems techniques to find unseen opportunities in uncertain and rapidly changing ecosystems.

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Beatty Robotics

Fourteen-year-old Camille Beatty makes robots with her Dad (Robert) and eleven-year-old sister Genevieve. Last year they built two Mars Rover replicas for the New York Hall of Science. While her specialty is machining, she also loves riding horses and playing the piano.

Founders of Blue Shirt Nation

Best Buy

Steve Bendt and Gary Koelling are two of the more unusual change agents you're likely to come across. Laid-back hipsters with modest demeanors, they shatter the myth of typical change agents who are aggressive, decisive and demanding.

Yet somehow this duo managed to create something most established companies only dream of: real and informed employee engagement that cuts across boundaries, silos, departments and disciplines.