Carmen Medina

How 'Rebels And Heretics' Bring Value To Organizations

Carmen Medina, co-author of Rebels At Work, spent 32 years as a 'heretic' at the Central Intelligence Agency, before retiring in 2010. Despite this, Medina held several senior positions at the Agency, including serving on the executive team that led the CIA’s analytic directorate.

Medina believes that "heretics, mavericks, and rebels" at work provide organizations with the important early warning system they so desperately need, to let them know that it’s time to transform and/or “sell” their current business model. Rebels also help nudge organizations toward the transparent collaboration, digital ubiquity, and mobility, ideas that will change almost everything about work in the next decade or so.

Since retiring from CIA in 2010, Medina has continued to write and speak about Rebels at Work, as well as analysis and strategic warning, the emergence of new global norms in the 21st century, the future culture of work, and cognitive diversity. She also blogs at