Welcome to the BIF Elder Experience Lab

The Business Innovation Factory created the Elder Experience Lab in 2008 to create a platform for experimentation where partners can design and test new solutions to improve the elder experience. In our quest to build a living laboratory for transforming elder care in America, we began with one simple premise: put the elder experience at the center. Our methodology and unique non-profit positioning has enabled BIF to create a lab where elders are directly engaged in an ongoing effort to better understand the elder experience and drive R&D work specifically aimed at improving it.

Elder Experience LabElder Experience LabElder Experience LabElder Experience LabElder Experience LabElder Experience Lab

About the Lab

The BIF Elder Experience Lab works directly with elder volunteers to conduct deep research into elders every day experience. We use these insights to illuminate opportunities for transforming the elder care system, and with help from the Lab's elder participants, put new ideas to the test in a real-world environment. Learn more

Putting Elders at the Center

Working with a dynamic group of elders who open their lives to us, the BIF team uses an observational and ethnographic approach to understand how elders interact with their environments, utilized shared and private spaces, care for body and mind, and stay connected with their friends and with the world. Learn more

Real World Experimentation

The BIF Elder Experience Lab is a real world laboratory for understanding and improving the elder experience. Learn more

Get Involved

The lab offers organizations and individuals opportunities to get involved with lab activity. Learn more

Sample Outputs from Lab Activity