Babson Entrepreneur Experience Lab

We're looking for Entrepreneurs Among Us

The Babson Entrepreneur Experience Lab is seeking people to take part in a nationwide project that begins late February 2012. Beyond the creation of a new business, we’re seeking individuals and groups who think and act entrepreneurially while working within an existing organization—the entrepreneurs among us in companies, government agencies, non-profits, family businesses, co-operatives, religious organizations, coalitions or unions or self-organizing groups.

Your contribution helps the eLab team map the day-to-day experiences organizational entrepreneurs and to craft a new, more expansive definition of what entrepreneurship is and can be.  As part of the project, you receive compensation for your time, but you will also have access to a small community of like-minded entrepreneurs from around the nation who you can connect with and learn from; it’s a great opportunity to network and to gain insight into and to showcase your own entrepreneurial process.


To participate, you need to be available from February 27-March 9 and interested in contributing daily to a private community website in the form of short journal-like posts, photo/video uploads and/or group discussions. For additional details, please see the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What am I signing up for?

    Entrepreneurship is a powerful word that when practiced, can and has changed the world. Many individuals throughout our nation practice entrepreneurship yet don’t even know it or get little recognition for it. We want to shine a light on the experiences of these entrepreneurs. If you’re a match, you’ll take part in a virtual project where you interact online within a small community of like-minded people from across the country who think and act entrepreneurially within an existing organization. You’ll contribute daily to a private project web site in the form of short journal posts, photo or video uploads and contributions to (asynchronous) group discussions.

  • What does it mean to think and act entrepreneurially?

    Having an idea is great, but we’re interested in those individuals or groups who are active in creatively identifying opportunities for change within their respective organizations AND taking the risk in transforming said opportunities into reality. So, someone actively involved in the creation of a new initiative, division or department, product or service, or process or practice would be a match (especially if it’s outside the scope of their normal role) as would demonstrating entrepreneurial thought and action that has a clear impact and represents significant change for the organization.

  • What’s the time commitment?

    The project runs for a 2-week period (starting February 27, 2012) but you only need to check in and complete a daily activity during that time period. Some of these activities can be done in 10-15 minutes. Others take a bit longer. All are designed to fit into your day with as little disruption as possible.

  • What’s in it for me?

    If you’re signed and complete the project activities, you receive $250 in appreciation for your time. More importantly, you get the chance to connect with others like you, to showcase and reflect on your own entrepreneur experience and to learn from others.

  • What do you do with the information?

    While the project is active, you are part of a private community. Once the project is complete, we aggregate what we learned and share the findings on the Babson Entrepreneur Experience Lab web site. We often cite example stories where we reference entrepreneurs by first name. Prior to the start of the study, we go over a detailed consent form with you. At any time, you can indicate if something needs to remain private. Once you do, it stays private. We take your consent seriously.

  • I don’t live near Babson or BIF, can I still sign-up?

    You can be anywhere in the U.S. to participate. You just need to have a high-speed Internet connection.

  • I’m in! Where do I start?

    Fill out the questionnaire above. If you’re a match, one of our researchers will contact you with details about completing the sign-up process.