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About the Entrepreneur Lab

The current entrepreneurship support system is well-intended but insufficient to stimulate entrepreneurial activity at the scale and scope we need to revive the global economy. The system needs more than a tweak—it needs a transformation.

The Babson Entrepreneur Experience Lab was created to put the voice and the experience of real world entrepreneurs at the center of an ongoing effort to design, develop and experiment with new ways to support entrepreneurs and accelerate new venture creation.

A Real World Lab

In 2010, Babson College and the Business Innovation Factory embarked on a new partnership to create a real world laboratory to design, develop and test new entrepreneurship support solutions and systems. The Entrepreneur Experience Lab is working to develop a deep and ongoing understanding of the entrepreneurship experience through the lens of the entrepreneur and use that understanding to create a platform to design and test new entrepreneurship solutions and systems.

In its first phase of activity, the Lab team is working with entrepreneurs from every region in the United States to create a first person characterization of the national entrepreneurial experience. This work will help us understand the human and environmental factors most relevant to entrepreneur success and the effectiveness of current development programs and policies and reflect the entrepreneur experience in a manner that illuminates elements of the experience most in need of intervention and innovation.

Mapping Opportunities

In parallel with the research, the team is working to establish experimentation environments where new ideas can be designed, developed and tested. This work will lay the foundation for systemic experimentation, where programs and services for today’s contemporary entrepreneur can be developed and tested within an integrated, real world environment. 

Work in the Lab is ongoing. We invite you to get in engaged, share your story and stay connected.

Project Team

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  • Heidi Neck

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