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Alex Jadad: "Heal" is a Beautiful Word

Dr. Alex Jadad is full of questions: “What makes you happiest? What do you regret most? How do you want to die? What is ‘your verb’?” He admits such queries can be unnerving, but only if we expect definitive answers. Be captivated by Jadad's health and wellness model that allows a pursuit of a full life. His story will stir your soul! 

About Alex Jadad

Dr. Jadad is a physician, educator, researcher and public advocate, whose mission is to help improve health and wellness for all, thorough information and communication technologies (ICTs).

He has been called a «human Internet»,as his research and innovation work seeks to identify and connect the best minds, the best knowledge and the best tools across traditional boundaries to eliminate unnecessary suffering. Such work focuses on a radical 'glocal' innovation model designed to improve the capacity of humans to imagine, create and promote new and better approaches to living, healing, working and learning across the world. Powered by social networks and other leading-edge telecommunication tools, his projects attempt to anticipate and respond to major public health threats (e.g., multiple chronic conditions, pandemics) through strong and sustainable international collaboration, and to enable the public (particularly young people) to shape the health system and society.

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