Business Innovation Factory


Master new techniques for creating innovation

Reading about innovation – even in the best journals – is no substitute for hands-on experience with other innovators. From exciting workshops to our annual Collaborative Innovation Summit, BIF offer a set of experiences designed to help you master new techniques for creating innovation.

Real innovation – the kind that creates deep, transformative change – is difficult and disruptive. There are few guiding principles, and even fewer best practices. Those who want to collaborate across traditional boundaries and innovate through public/private partnership often find themselves blazing a trail through uncharted territory, doing their best to live and learn along the way.

Helping our community learn about collaborative innovation (and share their insights with others) is a central part of our mission. In addition to gaining real-world know-how through our collaborative innovation projects, BIF members benefit from a series of experiences designed to educate, inspire and enable.

Past Programs

Past programs have included workshops with great thinkers and doers such as Larry Keeley, Clay Christensen, Frans Johansson, Andrew Hargadon, Harry West and the Continuum Team, author Steven Johnson and community building expert Diane Hessan.