Business Model Bootcamp

designed for organizational leadership teams

BIF brings business model bootcamp to you

Who should go to
BIF Business Model Bootcamp?

Leaders who know all business models are vulnerable to disruption and don’t last as long as they used to. Leaders who know that incrementally improving existing business models is necessary, but not sufficient. Leaders who know they have to learn how to explore entirely new business models while still pedaling the bicycle of the existing one. Leaders who want their organizations to stay relevant in the 21st century.

After BIF Business Model Bootcamp you will have hands-on experience with

  1. Implementing a repeatable and adaptable process for designing, prototyping and testing new business models

  2. Shifting to a customer-centered lens through ethnography and human-centered design techniques

  3. Creating a new value proposition and customer experience aligned to a customer’s job-to-be-done

  4. Combining and recombining capabilities unconstrained by an existing business model to deliver a new customer experience

  5. Exploring new revenue models for capturing value

  6. Prototyping and testing new business models in the real world

  7. Storytelling and engagement strategies for new business models

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