Join Us for #BIF2015 Innobeer!

Trinity Brewhouse#BIF2015 kicks off in five weeks, so it's time to make sure you all know about our free, pre-Summit Innobeer (or, if you prefer, Innowine or Innospirits).

Innobeer is a legend, and I'm proud to say I was among those at the first Innobeer, about seven years ago at a Boston pub. Five of us met to drink draft beer and talk about innovation. And about beer. And about the innovation of beer (I'm not kidding — we had a long discussion of the Sam Adams business model).  After that, Innobeer gatherings were held in Boston and elsewhere, often at innovation conferences. Basically, wherever a group of people wanted meet up and discuss innovation over adult beverages. The name stuck, even though the concept has always been beverage-inclusive! 

BIF has held an Innobeer annually, pretty much since the beginning of Innobeer. The BIF version of Innobeer is a don't-miss opportunity to immerse yourself in the Summit vibe and make connections before the Summit even starts. And, Innobeer is open to everyone, whether or not they are attending the Summit.

This year, Innobeer will be held 7 to 10 pm on Tuesday, Sept. 15, at the Trinity Brewhouse, 186 Fountain St. We will provide appetizers and there will be a cash bar. If you'd like dinner instead of appetizers, Trinity has an upstairs restaurant and bar as well. The Trinity Brewhouse is walking distance from the Hotel Providence and most of the other hotels Summit-goers stay at. 

So join us! Sign up here for innobeer and help spread the word, too (Tweeters, please use #BIF2015innobeer).

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