Welcome Taylor Halversen, Our New Citizen Experience Lab Associate!

We are pleased to welcome Taylor Halversen as our new Citizen Experience Lab Associate! Taylor first worked with BIF as a student designer at Utah State University during the 2011-2012 school year. She fell in love with design thinking and completed an internship with BIF's Student Experience Lab the following summer.

Taylor HalversenTaylor has a background in interpersonal and organizational communication, and believes communication education is the key to world peace. Before joining the BIF team officially, she worked as a news reporter with Utah Public Radio, where she enjoyed telling the stories of people who would not be heard otherwise.

Taylor graduated summa cum laude with a double B.A. from Utah State University in Communication Studies and Liberal Arts. In addition to learning on the job, she hopes to continue her formal studies in the fields of organizational communication and design.  

Outside BIF, Taylor loves to climb rocks and mountains, which she has given up to learn the ways of the ocean-loving East Coast. She also loves to sing, dance, compose music. She hopes to one day have her pieces published professionally. 


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