Kat Esser

Patient Experience Lab Director

Kat Esser is the Patient Experience Lab Director at the Business Innovation Factory. She is a seasoned change agent in the healthcare landscape who thrives on moving organizations from thinking and talking about solutions toward prototyping and learning from solutions that balance organizational aspirations with a deep understanding of what it takes to transform care delivery at scale. Kat has global experience leading human-centered innovation initiatives across healthcare, consumer, and government organizations for over two decades, the past eleven years focused in healthcare.

Prior to joining the Business Innovation Factory (BIF), Kat served as Program Director for Innovation at the Center for Care Innovations (CCI) where she guided the vision for CCI’s innovation programs, capabilities, and strategic partnerships to transform healthcare delivery for our most vulnerable populations. She also was an Innovation + Design Lead for Kaiser Permanente (KP) where she led human-centered design initiatives using a blend of design, social science, quality improvement and business strategy to test and implement future care delivery models both in and beyond the clinical environment. Kat was also the Director of Design Research for Ximedica where she led complex human-centered quality and safety clinical operational change initiatives for large east coast hospital systems. Kat spent her early career at Martha Stewart, Inc. and Calvin Klein, Inc. where she designed and led large-scale, international service and experience innovation initiatives to define future offerings as defined through the lens of consumers.

Kat’s roots are in design and social science. She received her Master of Industrial Design (MID), from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where she was an adjunct professor in the Department for Design and Architecture, and Bachelor of Arts (BA), Built Environment and Cultural Anthropology with a first of its kind joint degree from School of Visual Arts (SVA) and Lafayette College.

Kat is driven by leaders willing to look at their organization, see things as they currently are, then commit to transform them.